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Last week, I saw leaders like John Gray and Benny Perez, Darrell Scott, joining other faith leaders to work with President Trump and Senator John Cornyn to continue reform and get justice for those who can no longer fight for themselves. I say, “Well Done…” Let’s do it again as we protect the prisoner, the orphan, the widow. We are just getting started.

This leadership….This radical love is so needed but I see so many people throwing stones this week.

It is like we have become addicted to tearing people down, addicted to being outraged.

The world seems outraged and that is why we are here. Not to be caught up in it but to show the way out.

Brothers and Sisters, hate never build. It only destroys. It doesn’t destroy just the hated, it destroys those who hate.

God calls us, His people, to be Light – Light Always shines to lead people Home. It doesn’t turn off when people need it the most.

God calls us to be Salt – Salt needs to come into contact with the food to add flavor. It doesn’t do any good on the floor.

In 2018, We, The Church, need to rise up.. Above politics, Above being offended, Above differences and We need to Unify.

I get it, we all have excuses… They just don’t measure up when we bring them to the cross. Bury your excuses where Jesus shed his blood.

We need to loudly love each other now…drowning out the noise pollution of hate that is filling our world and blocking people from knowing true love.

We need to Unify in love. A love where we never give up on each other, even if someone makes a mistake.

We need to Unify in Mission – How can we reach the world with eh love of Jesus when we can’t even show it to each other? Too often, we sound like the rest of the world when we are called to Speak #Love and #Life in every circumstance.

We need to Unify in our Fight for each other – How can we fight for people when we can’t stop fighting against them.

We have to Unify by loving people more than we love being “RIght.” When we act toward each other with anything but love, we are WRONG.

Hate has had its day and I am done seeing the effects of what we are doing to each other. This world needs a radical show of love that forgives, encourages, overcomes and endures.

This is the Love that changes the world.

Our Marching orders are simple..

Act Justly
Love Mercy
Walk Humbly

We have to stop minimizing Jesus. As believers, we bring Jesus to every meeting we go. He is not limited by the circumstances, He transforms every meeting to an opportunity to reach those who do not know Him.

Stop hiding from and throwing bombs at people you don’t like. Pray for them, go meet with them and let them experience God’s crazy Love through you.

That’s our job. That’s our Call.. That’s why we are here.

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