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God is infinite….. Going to let that settle in for a minute.

God is infinite in power
God is infinite in time
God is infinite in wisdom, love, and forgiveness.

One more minute to settle in…. OK Let’s go…

This means that God never runs out. Where we are limited, He is limitless. h

This is why “with God all things are possible.” and with us, many things are and seem impossible.

Our power comes when we bring our little bit of faith and plug into the power of an infinite God.

Alright, Math people…

We know…….. (any positive number) X infinity = infinity

That means even our small faith has huge power. Whether we feel bold as a lion or as small and helpless as a lamb doesn’t matter. What matters is that we bring this to a God who is all powerful.

The only number that cancels out infinite is zero.

(0) X (infinity) = 0

The only way we can block God is to not believe He is able. As long as you can bring more than zero, he will multiply and accomplish more than you can ask or imagine.

I don’t know what you are facing today. Maybe the mountain in front of you looks impossible and you are ready to give up. You have more power than you know. Pray that God will move that mountain and know that “You can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens you.”

You may not feel that you have much to give, that is the point, He will fill in the blanks, heal you and encourage. You were never meant to be complete without God.

His strength changes everything when you trust Him to move the mountain for you.

Praying this encourages you to conquer Giants, Dream Bigger Dreams and Change the world around you. You were built for impact.

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