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More than anything else, What you think about God will drive your life. We have to get back to the truth of who God is and how much he loves us.

When asked, people have many different feelings about who God is and then how God acts.

When something doesn’t turn out how we want or when something bad happens to someone we love, it seems natural to question God or even turn away from His love.

God tells us that we will never understand His ways. This can be a hard message to her from your Father only if you are not sure you trust Him. God is unlike any father. His love is so great that He would move heaven and earth for you. He already has.

The struggles of life, scrapes along the way, loss of a loved one, heartbreak and disappointment can change our perspective and we begin to believe that maybe God isn’t loving, maybe, He isn’t good all the time. (Or maybe not to me)

The Truth is God = Love.

God’s love endures forever, enduring all things. His love never gives up on you. Even if you are not sure what you believe about Him. He never doubts how much He loves you. His love is not conditional and cannot be earned or lost.

You are in the middle of a love story and you are the main character. God had you in mind when He created the universe and loved you so much that He sent his son, Jesus, to die on a cross so He can be with you for eternity.

His love is bigger and will carry you through any pain. It will also fill you with a boldness to share His love with others. You were never meant to do it alone.

Your true place is a son and daughter of the King. Praying that you turn back to him let God love you like you were meant to be love.

From that place, you can then show a love and kindness to those around you that will change everything.

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