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Fear is a poison that absolutely taints everything and everyone it touches. Fear mutes and overwhelms the joyful moments while it amplifies concerns into worry, worry into dread, and dread into paralysis.

Fear turns molehills challenges into mountains of impossibility. Love carries us over to the other side.

Love is the antidote to fear. Love makes us brave. It fills us with purpose that is worth fighting for. That purpose might be found in protecting or reaching others. Love says, we can conquer this together. Love creates Lions.

That kind of love assures us. That is the love John speaks of when he said that the perfect love of God casts out fear.

Think of fear as a darkness and love as a light. The two cannot inhabit the same place at the same time. Light always wins.

We just have to open the door to let love in. God will take it from there. If you let him.

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