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“It is who you know.” We have heard that phrase so many times. Outside of my decision of faith, who I surrounded myself with is the most important decision I have ever made and impacts every area of my life. The same is true of you.

You don’t just make this decision once and put your life on cruise control, you need to continue to make it constantly and deliberately as you, your relationships and your goals change.

Surround yourself with people who bring the best out in you. Surround yourself with people who are doing what you dream about, will speak hard truth to you and will hold you accountable. You want no excuse relationships.

Be intentional about what you read, what you listen to and who you let speak into your life. Relationships matter so much more than we think.

Think about input as the water you drink. The water you draw out is determined by the source you draw from. Bad well… Bad Water.

Flat out, You will become who surrounds you. Be an active participant in shaping your life. No victims.

BTW, I don’t really know Santa. I mean who really KNOWS Santa. We just hung out a few times.

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